Mom and Tina’s Dinner

But before that I have to tell you it’s justified to eat that crispy angus beef tapa.   
We were in the outskirts of Metro Manila to see our friend and hiked in their property.  It was breathtakingly beautiful. We can see the view of Laguna de Bay and feel the cold provincial air as if we were in Baguio.  And all throughout this hike Iya sequestered my phone to take pictures of flowers and weeds.  I also introduced her to “Makahiya” which was my favorite plant when we were kids.  My cousin Ate Rouselle and I would scour the fields to touch these plants and see their leaves fold. 
Her best trail pictures.  I had a hard time choosing because she was trigger happy with the camera.
 So when we were dropped by in Katipunan, Iya looked like this:
Relaxing while we were waiting for Henry to put our bags in the car.
We ate in Mom & Tina’s because I was drawn to it’s quaint interiors. We were not disappointed because we ordered their best sellers which are the crispy angus beef tapa and a dish with tomato sauce similar to caldereta.  It was also this time when Iya said her tooth was moving so she ordered potato soup and bread.  And since I am a dessert person I bought the mango cream pie with cafe latte for dessert.  It was the best mango cream pie I have ever tasted so far.  Even better than the red ribbon pie! I love outings with family that end with food. 

The interiors and the best mango cream pie.
The drool worthy crispy beef tapa

Rows of cupcakes, but I was told it was not that good.  Maybe we’ll try it next time and verify.

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