Planting Indoors

We had the whole day for ourselves because of typhoon Glenda.  I originally planned to organize the storage space in our teensy weensy home but ended up helping Iya do a little planting project.  She had bottle plants given by her Ninong Claro and Tita Minoy and the weather gave us the perfect timing.  I let her do it all by herself because to be honest I do not have a green thumb.  I may ruin the whole thing just by touching the materials.   She was so excited! I think she inherited the crafty thing in my mother’s side of the family.
The bottle plants that will supposedly bloom to daisies and heart shaped grass
Iya planting the seeds

The materials — bottle and cap with a moisture stick, soil, seeds, and instructions. Parang lego lang…
Part 1 for the carbon balls
Part 2 scattering the seeds
Writing the date when she started the project.
It has been five days and still no sprouting grass or daisies.  I’m kind of wondering if we made a mistake or I’m just impatient. 

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