Checklist of Activities

It’s customary for parents to bring home something as “pasalubong” for their kids.  Sometimes when we drop by the shopping center or the grocery before going home I get something for Iya.  The typical pasalubong usually are cupcakes, bananas, or the kinder eggs.  It’s always a treat to see her smile even for something as small as candy.  Although we don’t normally get something for her every day I noticed that she always have something for us when we get home.  We get letters and cards in all sizes and shapes.  It’s her way of saying “I have something for you too!”  Then just this week she made a checklist for me so I can see what she did the whole day.  She patterned it after their class where the teacher lists down their activities for the day and ticks each one off as soon as it’s finished.  Her list is done in book form with the cover “Julia Follow my Rules”.  I thought she made her own rules for us to follow but I was mistaken.  I guess it should be “Did Julia Follow the Rules?”
The cover with title and her self portrait.
The checklist.  She got most of them right.  I know she could not resist #3 (wag mag “naro”/ laro sa banyo) and #4 (wag magkalat).  You should see our house! Her day is not complete if she did not do some cutting and paper folding and drawing.

Then after dinner we prepare for bed and watch Phineas and Ferb if she’s good and if she’s finished with her homework.  We usually have a picnic while watching TV hence my big belly.  

Taken some time last month.  A typical picnic night with milk and pasta.


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