Girly vs. Boyish

I am torn between being girly and being boyish.  I asked some of my guy friends what they want their daughters to be interested in and most of them wanted it to be sports.  They steer clear of ballet as an extracurricular activity because it is just too girly.  I can relate because I grew up interested in guy related things.  It can’t be helped because my cousins in my mother’s side of the family are all boys.  Although I played with Barbies,  I am more interested in Barbie’s furniture arrangement than the doll itself.  I also played with guns, legos, cars, g.i. joes, bikes, skates, and anything my brother and cousins wanted to do.  I never really thought that there is a delineation between girls and boys.  I wanted to enroll in martial arts just like my kuya Conji and scoffed at ballet.  My tita Fely most of the time gave me make-up when I was a teenager and I kept wondering why? What will I do with it?  And gave these to Nanay (sorry Mama Fely).  I would rather have a book or some art supplies.  Little did I know that there is use to all these girly things.  Now I still don’t know how to use make up and I need to seek help from Denise, my younger cousin and my friend Wennie about all these makeup brands. 

So now that I have Iya, the question is should I steer her in my direction? or encourage her to be girly?  I know she’s a girly girl right from the very beginning.  She has these traits that are far from what I am when I was her age.  She loves to dance and to sing.  She loves to wear a dress and play dress up.  She loves princesses and all things cute. She loves to draw flowers, hearts, stars with sparkles.  I think it’s interesting and adorable at the same time.  Making me think “Wow! so this is how a girl grows up.” I don’t want to mess it up…

… too much.

Because I also want her to experience the other side.  The one where it’s alright to get messy and dirty and to know how things work.  I buy her play tools, legos, cars, and let Henry teach her things.  I know that one day she’ll thank us for it.

Girly Things
I was organizing Iya’s files one weekend and saw multiple flower related creations that I can’t seem to throw out.  I saw drawings, paintings, comics, and a poem that she wrote.  She can very well be the ambassador of flowers given the time she spent obsessing over it. She even memorized the parts of the flower when she was still three and a half years old. 

She’s still doing ballet every weekend.  I think it’s a good stretching exercise for her.  I noticed that she seldom has asthma attacks whenever she attends ballet.  Although I think she will grow out of it soon given that she’s starting to be interested in other things like singing, composing, and art.  I do hope she will continue because it will help her posture.  We are genetically prone to back problems.

Boyish Interests

Henry’s Electronic Lesson #1:  LED lights

Lining up the lights

Iya teaching me how to do it.

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