White Rice and other things

We were in the car and the radio was turned on.  The radio host was talking about diets and substituting corn rice for white rice.  Iya suddenly asked me  “Tama ba yung sinasabi nila nanay? na masama ang kanin?”  It was an instant decision to say “Hindi di ba? di ba kasama ang kanin sa food group?”. 
Iya: Yes. Mali yung sinasabi sa radyo.
Me:  Oo nga carbohydrates ang rice. Kung di ka kakain ng rice e di wala kang energy para gumalaw. (I have to prevent her from thinking that rice is not good because she might have a reason not to eat.)
Iya:  Tama ka nanay. Ano ba itong mga sinasabi nila? Siguro dapat silang ibalik sa nursery.
Moments like these are things I can’t capture on camera.  
One weekend, Iya and I were alone at home and we just decided to go swimming.  Henry was in the office for a company training so we were just waiting for him to come home.  After preparing our breakfast, scrambled eggs, french toast, and dark chocolate peanut butter, we headed off to swim.  It was just us.  I taught her how to do bubbles in the pool and hopefully she’s not that afraid to go in the water anymore.  But then again I may be wrong…
There were also times when she can be so mature when I say something.  Whenever we were in the toy store and I did not buy her the toy she wanted, she can easily swing her mood from frustrated to positive in a short while saying “Next time nalang nanay ha?”.  And I am surprised how easily she understands why I did not succumb to her wants.  It makes me wonder what she’ll do when she becomes a teenager and I did not allow her to go to a party.. I hope she’s still mature that time.

There are just so many instances when I have no picture to mark the moment.  I just hope that mere memory and words are enough to remember these times.


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