Okaaay so here I am looking at this old blog and I thought to myself, I kinda miss writing.  It has only been half a year and already I think this one is better than tumblr.  Maybe because I like writing journal style or maybe because I like old and comfortable and this blog is my home for the past five years. 

I guess I just have to accept that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, that this is a way to remember things, and that what’s important is for me to have a space to write my thoughts.

So here’s something new…

Julia’s going to be an ate! I found this out last April 24, 2015 when my period was delayed for 5 days.  Henry was saying it may be too early to tell but I know that pregnancy tests work as early as the first day of missed period.  My instinct was right!

I had my checkup the following day which was a Saturday and was advised to do an ultrasound by the first or second week of May. So here’s hoping that everything is fine.

Now, I have morning sickness the whole day so I eat more than I want to. But knowing that having these signs say that there is a good chance that everything is normal.  I’m sluggish and I want to lie down and read books the whole day.  I’m so tired by 10pm that I sleep earlier than Henry and Iya and to think I don’t do much site inspection in the office as opposed to my first time.

When I said that I’m pregnant to Julia, she said “Ilan?” That made me laugh and say “Isa lang! Para ba akong aso?” but she’s quick and said.. “Nanay di ba may twins?” tama nga naman.. but still that’s not something I expected.

I just want to squeeze her the whole time! Julia’s so ready to be an older sister.  She kept reminding me to drink my milk and is very careful when hugging me at night. I keep forgetting that she’s already 6.  I left her with her lola in the province for this month.  I was the one who had separation anxiety and cried when I left for the province yesterday!

Now the question is.. should I rename this blog? I have eight months to figure it out…


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