Iya’s 6th Birthday Party

Iya’s 6! And I’m so delayed with this post.

This was the time of multiple submissions and idealistic ideas.  I was so busy with work and school that I was a little late in preparing for her party.  It’s just all in my mind.  We had two celebrations, her actual birthday which was on a Monday and her class party that was done on a Tuesday.  I was out the whole afternoon on her birthday (boohoo!) because Nanay and I were cramming her lootbag in Divisoria.  After that we went to the grocery to prepare for the food we will be giving out.  Last year we just bought from McDonalds and got the cake from Estrelles.  I was not yet into the DIY phase.  This year I wanted to make her classmates bento party boxes so I can practice if I can do it in a larger scale.  I also asked our friendly neighborhood cupcake maker to customize her cupcakes.

So anyways when we got back, my parents, Henry, Iya, Vic, and I ate in the nearby Chinese restaurant to celebrate her actual birthday.  I don’t want to let the day pass without giving it a proper celebration complete with the cake.  In the end there were three people celebrating birthdays and she greeted each one of them a happy birthday too!

The following day.. as in wow major production! She wanted her theme to be animals because we both love sylvanian families. The bad thing was, Divisoria was into famous cartoon characters so it was extremely difficult to find loots.  I just settled for anything that has cute animals and hopefully that will do.  Bentoboxing was also a challenge because we had mishaps.  We rectified it just in time.  I am grateful for nanay and tatay for being cool about not eating lunch on time because we were rushing to make it at 2pm for their snacks.  And because of this I ordered beef salpicao all to myself.


It doesn’t show how stressed I was that day.  It was all worth it though…

And now for Iya,

I am so happy to see her grow up to be a kind and gentle little lady.  She’s funny, sweet, the complete little girl’s package of sugar and spice and everything nice.  I never imagined that I would have a daughter who is the complete opposite of me.  I am thankful every day for being her nanay and just watching her grow up.  Most of the time I hear parents complain that their kids grow so fast and I look at Iya and say to myself.. not really.. I guess I still see her innocence, her chubby cheeks, her overall disposition that I feel she did not change at all.  There is honestly not a day that goes by that she doesn’t do anything that surprises me. And these little things constantly remind me how blessed we are to have her in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Iya’s 6th Birthday Party

  1. Hands down for the effort with the preparations, Nanay! I'm sure Iya will always remember this one among her other memorable birthdays to come! 🙂 Animal bento box… I surely wish I were her classmate so I could have been there and had that! Yey! Hahaha


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