One year finished… 12 years more!
It’s going to be the start of a new school year this June and I just want to look back on what happened in her kinder year. 
1.  First off, I’m really happy with her teacher.  Teacher Sab has been a blessing because of her patience, experience, love, and her documentation. We have this group in Facebook where she posts pictures of what happened during the week in class.  Her constant updating is really the main reason why I check my FB account.  We get to see their activities and lessons for the day and even the pictures of kids during their birthdays. 
2.  Even if Iya is not the best or top of the class, I saw her sustained interest in art.  She was accepted in the audition of the Teatrong Likha and I was the recipient of her numerous cute drawings in school.   
3.  Her classmates are generally nicer.  She’s still unaffected by having friends (she is my daughter after all) but eventually during the course of the year, she has become more talkative with her classmates.  
4.  I also spent less in tuition and less in school extras.  Even if we have a monthly contribution for the class funds, the amount is acceptable.  I love that the school wants to keep things simple. 
5.  Homework is for the student not for the parents!  This is one of my favorite. In her old school, after office I still have to do things that she can’t do for her homework such as printing pictures of whatever the letters of the day are.  She has to cut them out and paste it in her notebook.  But here, she only has homework during Fridays and it only entails answering her workbook!  

Reporting about hedgehogs

Her favorite animal using shapes

Showing their favorite dresses

My only problem is that Iya does not have a school bus this year.  We live so far away that the school bus driver can not do it anymore.  I have to bring Iya to work every day and with her kakulitan I don’t know how it will work.   Well, I think it’s only a small price to pay for whatever it is they teach her in school.

Here’s to a new school year!


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