Baguio Weekend Day one

It’s a well-known fact in my family that I wanted to go to Baguio and spend a few days relaxing and eating in Forest House.  So one Thursday I called the Manor Hotel and booked our three days two nights for the next day Friday up to Sunday.  It was that fast.  I just have to say that most of the time the unplanned vacation is the one that pushes through.  So who cares if it was raining! I was my positive self that it will be memorable.  And yes I was right.
First, when I got home Henry was sick! This was so frustrating because I did not know when I told him about my spontaneous decision.
Second, there was a landslide incident in Kennon Road.  This was not a concern because I was set on going through Marcos Highway.  However, when we got there, the traffic was horrendous because of road works!
Third, it was raining the whole day Friday and Saturday. So even if we had the most amazing view of the garden we cannot stroll outside. I was even dead set on going hiking but it apparently the weather said I should schedule it another time and another trip.  Who knows? Maybe we will go there again in the next few months.
Hmn.. What should we do but make the most of it? 
Day 1.  Henry’s sick day
I woke up around 5 in the morning because we were scheduled to leave by 5:30.  But I found Henry curled up in bed and saying we should leave around 7am.  Actually he looks really sick but he promised that he can drive and asks for a few more minutes of sleep.  I even called my brother and asked if he could go with me if ever Henry needs to rest instead.
But miraculously we made it around 11:30 am in the hotel.  We checked in and then… fell asleep! As early as the first day we were able to test the bed. The hotel was a typical hug log cabin with warm hues.  The paneling and the furniture match the natural feel of the forest surrounding the hotel.  This was our first time to stay here even though we have been here before. So I know that they have excellent service and amenities.

Testing the bed

Iya writing in her diary, will post this soon

The garden that we can’t access because it’s raining!

The lobby
 After an hour we ate in my family’s favorite restaurant Forest House.  We love the homey/ country feel of the place and the delicious food. Whenever we go to Baguio, it is a must to eat here.  We ordered the Carbonara and Binagoongan with strawberry shake. As expected I love the creaminess of the carbonara matched with the salty bagoong.  I was full that we were not able to eat dessert anymore. I totally missed out on the Strawberry Heston but I was thinking I’ll be back anyways after a day or two.



Strawberry shake!

After lunch we went back to the hotel to sleep again! sulit talaga ang hotel.  By 5:30 pm we went to Casa Vallejo for dinner.  I was told that this was a nice restaurant with an interesting bookstore beside it.  Eventually after three circles around the area, we were able to find it.  The restaurant was a little modern with a fine dining appeal.  The high ceiling greets the guests that add to the spaciousness of the place.  The lighting was dim making the atmosphere very relaxed.  The servers were not as friendly and attentive as those in the Manor but there was one that made it bearable.  Good thing she was near our table most of the time.  We ordered the roast beef and ravioli and it was ok. Maybe I’m picky but the food is still better in Forest House by a mile.

Dining Hall

We also looked at Mt. Cloud’s bookshop.  It was small but really charming.  They have a children’s section and Iya bought a book about numbers. How nerdy can one get? hehe

Iya with her book

And then we were back.. in the hotel.

My brother’s favorite jazz band “On Call” was playing at the piano bar so we went and listened to their second set while eating dessert.  I think, based on his stories, the reason for their name was that they are all doctors. My lola Ana who lives in Baguio was (because she already passed away..) friends with the pianist.  We ordered the Belgian Chocolate Fondue, Crème brûlée, and warm milk for Iya. That’s it for day 1.  I was actually surprised we even did something!

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