Baguio Weekend Day Two

Day 2. Raining like crazy.

And because it was… we ordered room service.  Ang solusyon para sa mga tamad.

Breakfast in bed?

This is one of their breakfast meals. The mushrooms are so yummy!

That day was supposedly the tour part of the vacation.  First we went to Mines View Park to let Iya see the famous view, buy a jacket, buy her one souvenir, and buy my mother “walis” (typical). It was also close to the Mountain Maid/ Good Shepard store where we can buy pasalubong.  I mostly bought alfajor because Diane said it was better than the standard peanut brittle Baguio is known for.


Posing with the view

Then we went and try to find the Ben Cab Museum.  After all the traffic and the misdirections we finally arrived and was able to take a look.  After all the times that I’ve been to Baguio, I never had the chance to visit this infamous museum.  It is a modern multi-storey building following the terrain of site. The entrance level is along the road and you have to go down to the different levels to view the exhibitions. There were wooden sculptural benches that you can sit on while admiring art.  His collection of sculptures and wood works were extensive that it occupies two big rooms and along the common hallways. I found myself explaining how these wooden sculptures/ Bulol are the Northern People’s deity to Iya.  The other rooms were paintings of Ben Cab and other featured artists. I love the Madonna exhibit because it features mothers and their babies. The mothers’ expression are not exuberant but nonetheless the paintings make you feel the attachment and love.

I need a picture to remind me I’m also there!

The bottom level is the Cafe Sabel and the landscaped garden facing the view of the glorious mountains.  We had our lunch there ordering the ham and cheese panini, chicken pesto panini, and strawberry yogurt shake. When we went out, Henry said there was a taho vendor that sells strawberry taho. So that ended as our dessert. Surprisingly I love it even better than the caramel version. It’s a combination of sourness and sweetness mixed with the creamy taho.

My date

Strawberry taho! sweet and sour and creamy and delicious!

And then we went back to the hotel so Iya can participate in the hotel’s Junior Chef activity.  She was so excited that it was infectious.  We were the first one to go down so we can choose the best location at the front.  This was not planned but we saw the poster on our first day from the elevator and registered.

They designed their toque, colored their icing, and decorated their cupcakes.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was so serious about it.  In the end she got a certificate and a group picture.

We can’t wait!

So serious

The finished product

Photo with the chef

Class picture

She’s so proud of her colorful creation
In the end, we were all so tired and wanted to sleep early (the story of our Baguio Life).  We ended up ordering room service with guess what? Iya’s favorite Sinigang!

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