Baguio Weekend Day Three

Day 3. It’s Iya’s turn.

Okay Henry got his chance last Friday.  I woke up feeling Iya’s warm body.  Waaaaahhh! It’s Iya’s turn now.  Our schedule to eat breakfast in Tsokolate de Batirol and eventually Forest House again was cancelled and we just stayed in the hotel.  Luckily the rain stopped and now we can walk around the garden.  We also visited the butterfly garden with only a few butterflies around because of the endless rain. 

Inside the butterfly garden.

This really was a memorable weekend actually regardless of the bumps we encountered.  On our way home Iya’s fever shot up again to an extreme of 39 deg. Celcius.  We let her drink paracetamol and then went to the hospital for checkup the following day.

She was admitted.

Diagnosed to have Pneumonia… and Dengue.

Was it because of the trip? I was so worried that it might have been because of it.  But when I talked to her teacher the following week, she said that another kid had pneumonia before Iya.  When I asked the doctor if she ever did get the dengue from Baguio, her reply was that dengue usually has an incubation period of one week to five weeks depending on the strain.

Iya’s ok and at home right now.  She can finally attend classes tomorrow… armed with bottles of anti-mosquito repellant. 


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