Flutterings take two

I felt the first flutter of movement from my tummy last July 30, 2015 around 10:42 pm while I was lying sideways after a very tiring day.  Iya was having her tantrums with her Tatay because she wanted to go to the toilet.  I told them and they both got quiet and reached for my tummy hahaha! but I said only I can feel it for this month. Yey!! at least I know that he/ she is ok in there.

My little ate Julia is very excited and participatory in the whole pregnancy process.  Aside from reminding me about what I can’t eat or drink, she kept asking me about the size of the baby  (currently it is the size of a banana).  When I told her the baby can already hear her, she went close to my tummy and said “hi baby!!”.  I hope she remains to be that open about accepting the baby in her life.

P.S. Since I don’t know if I will make a new blog for the second baby when she comes, allow me to post her development here in Julia’s blog in the mean time 🙂


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