Playtime caught on video

Playtime is really a time to enhance the skills of a child through role play, manipulation of toys, creativity, and what-have-yous. But for me, it’s also a time to laugh and smile because of her antics.
Can you guess what animal? She found her lampin and was strutting around the house like this for 30 minutes.  When she found her floater under the bed she found a way to use it as a props.
We found this store when we got home one day.  Her yaya and lola said she was so busy all day making all of these.  I bought 10 pieces to give to my officemates the following day.
She loves to dance! I kind of wish she could continue her ballet lessons next year. Probably when her schedule permits it already.
She also loves to sing and compose songs.  Actually she has a new goal when she grows up.  She wanted to be a singer song writer.  My phone is actually full of her “recordings” complete with the title.  I hope her piano lessons can help her eventually to compose more songs.


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