Food Art

I’ve not been doing my job in this Charaben baon thing.  I have a hard time making creative things lately.  But July is the National Nutrition Month so Julia has to make a baon which was nutritious and should be for five of her classmates.  Henry thought of making them a tuna sandwich coupled with a fruit that she likes (syempre melon na ito).  So tadaa! Here’s the panda tuna sandwich with melon combination. so simple yet it took me 40 minutes to prepare for five people.

She kept on asking me to by this monde minion mamon maker whenever the commercial in the TV was shown.  We never watched the movie but she saw these little yellow guys as cuties.  I finally gave in.  Here’s what we did..
putting the yellow icing

Forming the mouth and glasses

Assembling the face
The finished product!


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