Play Time

I get to see Iya play during weekends because our schedule is so hectic.  Since I am the school bus and I have an 8-5 job, we leave around 7 in the morning.  She eats her breakfast, do some homework, take a bath, play a little, and eat lunch before I take her to school at 12 noon.  The class finishes around 4:45 pm, pick her up, and go home.  It takes about one and a half to two hours of travel time to reach home.  Repeat 5x a day. I feel tired just writing about it.
So how does Iya play? 
1.  She really likes paper crafts.  My day will not be complete if I do not find any paper strewn all over the rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room in ours and her grandparent’s house).  She also loves miniatures and polymer clay.  She makes all of these come together.  I was surprised one night when I got home and she made a paper house all by herself.  Her yaya told me that this was what she did the whole afternoon.  I was surprised how she made the furniture scaled to her little polymer bunnies.  There are two beds and a dining table.  Eventually it expanded to having a refrigerator and cabinet to store the food which was also made out of polymer clay.

2.  Since she loves paper so much.  She loves to make origami anything.  Here are her origami baskets with candies that she sells in her candy shop.  Her baskets also took her the whole day to complete! I bought 10 to give to my office mates the following day.  I must admit that making this seems too tiresome to me.

3. We don’t do this often but she loves to paint.  This is her trying out the easel and the acrylic paints we got from lola Choly.  After this she made her Hello Kitty rainbow painting in Tayabas.  She kept on asking me if she could paint again in Sip and Gogh.  I promise her we will do that again soon.

4.  Although a little less often, she also read books especially when it’s about fairies or miniatures, or some character she likes.  Lately she’s been asking me to read “Grimm’s Fairy Stories” before sleeping.  Last night I read the Golden Goose.  Even with the funny old words and sentence construction, she seems to understand and like it.  She also writes her own stories in actual book form and in digital form using my cellphone.  She even made a book for her little brother or sister when he/ she reaches three years old and 4 years old.  The degree of reading difficulty varies to match the age bracket.  There was a time when I suggested a sentence like “The cat chases the mouse”, she said, “Nanay di pwede yun kasi di nya mababasa yung “chases” dapat “ran to” nalang.” 

5.  Miniatures! She takes after me but mostly from her ninang Diane.  I found her using my slippers as a cave for her little rabbits.  She bought this toy set with her own money, luckily it’s just 300 pesos.  It comes with a house and small furniture.  But as you can see, she uses just about anything! Like for example just yesterday, she tore little pieces of tissue paper and used a toothpaste cap to make a bucket of popcorn.
Right now she loves to play with legos assembling her rabbits, carrots, and milk cartons.  I will post her lego creations next time.

This one is mine 🙂 I just want to take a picture of the cutest bento box from Rement which I got on sale!!  And then after my pictorial she used the leaf, flower, and pebbles that she got outside for the bunny bed.


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