Kidzania Experience

My mommy friends are so active in finding activities for our kids that I honestly do not have any contribution to this terrific idea.  I just said yes! 
So on a Wednesday (QC day), we joined the mini field trip from Julia’s Kinder friends to go to Kidzania.  She was so excited that she was the one who woke me up at five in the morning with a wide smile and a let’s-go-attitude.  She immediately finished her cereal breakfast and got dressed.  
We were the first one to arrive in our meeting spot! Di naman kami masyadong excited.  When the last one arrived it was so traffic that we got there thirty minutes past the opening time at 9 o’clock.  We parked at the park triangle where the Concept store of Lego was also located.  I promised Iya that we will come back and take a look.  We registered in the information and got our security bracelets then off we went to the entrance at the second floor.

When we got there the queue for the passport line was so long that we went straight to BPI to encash our 50 kidzoes check.  I went to the Kidzania Manila website when it opened because of links and advertisement so Julia already know what activity she wanted to do.  It was overwhelming at first because you can see the people so busy doing their jobs as if it was really serious.  While we were walking I saw a kid mixing medicine in the Mercury Drug Store, a firetruck passing by with cute fire fighters and an ambulance just a few meters behind, and a kid rappelling in the building.  All these happened in just a few seconds!


We immediately went to the cupcake making station located on the map because that’s what Julia wanted.  The industry partner is Goldilocks.  She paid +15 kidzoes for that activity.  It was so cute! It was anthropometrically correct and they each get to wear a uniform. Each activity has a time limit, specific number of kids, identifies whether it is a paying or an earning activity, and how much you have to pay or your salary.  I was actually worried that she might spend all the kidzoes and not earn! So after her Goldilocks activity we went to the Urban Gardening booth just beside it.

In urban gardening they wore overalls and get their hands dirty with instructions on planting and making supports for the sapling.  She earned 10 kidzoes! yey! Which is still not enough for arts and crafts…

…so we went to my next favorite thing to do — construction. This is right across the hospital but she doesn’t want to go there (I think she’s traumatized with all her experiences so maybe next time).  They get to wear their safety vests and hardhats, got a little lecture about design plans, and made the brick wall using puzzle bricks. This is also an earning activity.

Next she went to Pascual laboratory where she learned about Pharmascientists.  She said she enjoyed this among all the earning activities.  They were introduced to basic chemistry by combining liquid and powder chemicals.  They were asked about the reaction of these substances.  After that they showed how medicines were processed in the machine where you twist and turn knobs and eventually it will show the packaged pills.  She said she always thought that doctors made medicines so this was an opportunity to learn how everyday things were made.

And since she already worked (hehe) three jobs, we can afford to make jewelry! Here’s Iya making her own necklace in the arts and crafts booth.

We were supposed to go to Mercury drug to sell things and mix medicine but they are on a break.  We don’t actually know where to go next but she found her friends in the National bookstore booth so we just tagged along.  I thought they were just there for the story telling but apparently after the story they get to perform this live in front of the Via Mare restaurant.  This was also fun because they got to do two things in one activity.

Next is farming and delivery.  They were each given a fruit to get, weigh, and deliver to Healthy Options at a different floor.

And the last two activity is getting their driver’s license and driving the electric car!  You have to get the license first in the Honda booth before being allowed to drive.  How real can this be? Aside from driving the car, you are also given a chip to gas up at the shell station.  There is also a stoplight within the area with a pedestrian crossing so they can apply their knowledge of traffic rules.

All I can say is “wow!” Kids will really enjoy this themepark!  There are also a few realizations based on our experiences:

1.  You really cannot finish this in a day.  We went on a weekday from 9am to 4pm and we only finished 9 activities.  The average they say is about 7.  There are a lot of other things that we were not able to do so we will definitely come back.

2.  It would be better to get a passport because you get a discount (kidzoes) in paying activities and you get two kidzoes more for earning activities.

3.  There are limited choices in food.  McDonalds, Via Mare, Yellow Cab, and Purefoods Hotdog Sandwiches are the only options for lunch.  I don’t know if it’s because of the soft opening but most of these establishments were way behind on orders during our lunch time so I suggest take an early lunch around 1030.

4.  There are really long lines at the Fire Department and the Hospital (emergency) so it’s better to line up for these activities first.

5.  Be early and be there before 9am so you get to line up for the passport immediately and choose your activity as soon as the doors open.

6.  There is a parent’s lounge, toddler’s lounge, and kindergarten lounge at the second floor so everybody can enjoy.  It is advisable to check the activities though because it has an age limit.  Usually kids age 6 and above can do almost all of them.

7.  Go during weekdays because the hours are longer compared to weekends.

I love the concept of this theme park! It helped me introduce things to Iya that would be difficult to describe.  And I can foresee that this can also help me determine more of her interests aside from being creative with arts.  Even now she wanted to go back before her birthday.  Here’s to Henry’s availability!


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