Art Classes

It’s no question if Iya loves art.  Most people say she took that from me. Well if you compare Henry and I then yes I would definitely say that. But I think it’s really not solely from me but from my mom’s side of the family.  I am definitely a safe artist. That’s partly the reason why I took architecture because I love order and practicality.  Iya has this creative spark that makes her unique.  She loves to draw but she doesn’t copy so she always put something special in her artworks every time.  
I usually ask her what she wants to do for her extra curricular activity and art kept on popping every time. I would have liked ballet but I should have expected that art will always win.  I enrolled her in Fernando Sena’s Art Classes every Saturday morning.  Sir Sena has been my teacher when I did a research about Philippine Art back when I was in second year college.  He was very accommodating and humble.  He asked if I wanted to learn from him after the interview and of course I said yes! I have to say he didn’t change! He’s still funny and sweet and now he’s my baby’s teacher.
The lessons turned out as a refresher course. I suddenly miss painting and was debating if I should enroll in acrylics. But sadly given my notorious laziness and my nesting period stage, I would probably do this some other time. So I just contend myself with watching Iya do her stuff. I find it very hard to control myself not to dabble on her artwork! hahahaha! maybe it’s the control freak in me that I want to make things pretty.  I turn to my kindle and read instead.

So how does she take it? The lessons are not kiddie and crafty.  It’s about the fundamentals of drawing and color. I think her dexterity is not that developed yet to follow exactly what the teacher says.  She does however listen to the lecture and applies it to how she draws.  She doesn’t use black anymore and she gets the concept of shading.  She still does not get the function of guidelines though and it’s kind of exasperating.  I just have to repeatedly instruct her how to do it. Overall I would say she likes this but she still wants to do her artsy crafty things.  I asked her if she wants to continue and she said “yes” again.  I’ll post her artworks when she’s finished with her last two sessions.

Lecture in the basement of Vargas Museum

Drawing makes us hungry! We usually eat out after the lesson 🙂 This on was taken in Artsy cafe along Maginhawa.

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