Julia’s 7th Birthday Party

This may be late but luckily I was able to post this before she turns 8!

Julia’s Invitation

We celebrated Julia’s 7th birthday for two days. One during her actual birth date and second on the nearest Saturday after her birthday which fell on October 10. 

I asked our neighborhood baker to bake 30 cupcakes for Julia’s classmates.  She was with me when I made the order and she chose candy rabbits for her cupcake sprinkles.  When I delivered the box in school I suddenly regret not getting one for myself because it was so good! And since her birthday fell on a weekday, we did not eat out but I cooked dinner instead.  Henry bought her a chocolate mousse cake for our dessert. She then opened her gift from both of us and decorated her cake with it while we sang the happy birthday song.

We held her Saturday party in Sip and Gogh because she wanted it to be a painting party while the parents ate in Stacy’s which was right across. It was simple and not your typical children’s party (even though the price isn’t).  There were no loud music, no program, no games, no magic, no booths, no candy buffet. I only wanted to let them paint and feed the parents who will be waiting for the kids.  I hope they do not think of me as cheap though… As for the guests, Julia decided on the guest list even teasing me about other kids that I keep on suggesting. She was telling her tatay about it “Itong si nanay may sinasabi na (insert name of kid), e hindi ko naman sya kilala!”  So ok, I concede, it’s not my party anyways. 
The birthday girl!
In Sip and Gogh
Mommy’s painting
The kids are so proud of their creations!
Stacy’s and the party details

Eating in Stacy’s

 In the end, I think they enjoyed the painting party and the balloon play afterwards.  Julia enjoyed it so much that she had fever and asthma the night after the party. We postponed the opening of the gifts for about two weeks because we left it in Malabon.

I finally can breathe a sigh of relief that it turned out as well as I thought it would.

Happy 7th birthday our little lady.  Sigh.. I swear I can’t get over that she’s not a baby anymore.


Your 7th birthday happened during the time where I was preoccupied by being pregnant, with no yaya, working full time, being a school mom, and taking care of the house and our finances all at the same time.  It was overwhelming at first because I wake up and strive to be this super woman to accomplish all these things.  But I realize that it is doable given my current situation.  It made me feel closer to you because I am with you 70% of the day.  I discovered that I can do it with both you and your tatay’s help. That I can rely on your cooperation when I am busy with cooking and all sort of housework. That you can really do things on your own like getting your own snack, doing homework, helping me with setting the table, cooking rice (via rice cooker naman kasi), and even cleaning the toilet bowl. For waking up without being grouchy in the morning because we cannot be late for work. For being relatively well behaved in the office even if you kept on asking for help with your daily craft projects. And on top of these, still writing sweet love letters for me all the time.
I love you my little girl. You are really so much better than me. I do not have your compassion and your sweet nature. You make me so happy when you touch my tummy and talk to Jolly, when you put my shoes in the closet because I can’t bend anymore, when you kiss me in the middle of eating and tell me I’m the best cook ever, when you refuse to eat out because you prefer my cooking.  I am truly grateful for being our daughter.  You don’t know how much I am trying to be a better person because I have you in my life.   

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