Labor and Birth

I am now on break from Facebook.  It has been my constant companion and link to the outside world lately while nursing and being inside the four corners of the room.  But I have been postponing Jansen’s birth story.  I know I should write about it while I can still remember. So here goes…

I want to be awake when I give birth this time so I anticipate that my experience will be different. When I gave birth to Julia, I was asleep.  I was unable to feel any pain because when I woke up (even if I am dizzy and disoriented) it was already finished.  Julia was also placed in the nursery because rooming in was only optional.  Now, mothers should be awake and babies should be roomed-in to encourage immediate breastfeeding.  I completely agree.

But even if I wanted everything to happen smoothly, I was not able to anticipate the size of the baby. I know I should have limited my food intake but food is just so darn delicious! All my self-control left for vacation. My doctor said that the greater the size, the greater the chance that this may lead to dislocation of the shoulders, aided birth through vacuum, or eventually cesarean section. To top it off I was expecting to give birth before my expected due date like Julia but after 39 weeks I was still pregnant! My doctor said that she will eventually induce on December 28 which is my 42 weeks (the maximum limit for gestation).  I was advised to get an ultrasound on December 26 so that we will be able to see if the conditions inside the womb are still favorable for extension.  If not, we will be forced to induce by that day.  I was secretly hoping the baby will be born on Christmas day and will name him Jesus.  

On December 24, we had a party for the workers in my brother-in-law’s shop. Julia was with my mother and father in Tayabas.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache! It was that bad! Henry and I rushed to the ER because I don’t know what medicine to take.  I already ingested biogesic and so far it was not working.  I was worried it may be blood pressure related and we just wanted to make sure that the baby is not affected.  When we got there, the doctor assigned was so indifferent and condescending.  He asked me why I would think my headache was related to pregnancy.  I swear if I was not in so much pain I would have thought of a comeback.  Luckily I was transferred to the delivery room so they could check on the baby.  I was strapped with the baby monitor and was under observation for two hours.  I was checked as well. The pain did dissipate and I was allowed to go home.  

The following morning, Christmas day, I was surprised to find bloody discharge.  I called my obgyne and she said that it may have been due to the IE. I was advised to wait for contractions.  It finally came at midnight.  I was sleeping and felt the pressure.  It was an hour for the first two which then progressed to every 15 minutes around three in the morning.  I was still debating whether to go to the hospital or wait for a few more minutes at home.  Henry was adamant that we go because of traffic.  I finally conceded and was a good thing because it became 10 minutes while we were on the road. When we got there I was only 2 cm dilated. I was telling Henry that the contractions were not that painful compared to Iya’s.  I should have kept my mouth shut. 

I was then wheeled to the labor room.  I was strapped with monitors and had the IV inserted.  They gave me drugs to speed up the dilation and effacement.  The contractions were still not painful and my eyes were glued to the wall clock to check the intervals of the contractions.  That kept me busy.  There was also a time when the heart rate of the baby dropped and all the doctors crowded around my bed trying to find the heartbeat.  That was scary because I can see the panic in their eyes.  Fortunately that was resolved and did not happen again.   Around 8 in the morning I was only 4 cm dilated.  Dr. Macapagal said that the epidural should be given once I am in active labor which was 5 cm.  She said if it was given too early, it will delay labor.  So there I was waiting and the contractions were getting intense.  By 930 am it was so intense that I wanted to shout!  But it was so quiet in the labor room that all I can do was grunt.  I palpitate whenever a new contraction starts.  I wanted to beg them to please do the IE but I was in frequent pain that I cannot even say a single word.  They finally did and I was already 8cm! I swear that was the worst pain I have ever experienced.  They finally gave me local anesthesia while waiting for the anesthesiologist.  I was delirious while listening to the nurses trying to locate a doctor! I swear if I knew this will happen, I would’ve scheduled this in a different month.  I later learned that they had difficulty finding an anesthesiologist because most of the doctors were on a holiday. 

Eventually the doctor did come and I was wheeled to the delivery room, the epidural tube was inserted, my water bag pierced, and was back in the labor room for pushing.  I wondered if they really gave the epidural because I can still feel everything.  The doctors said that I should really feel the pressure to know when to push.  There was a time when the resident said that I was not yet ready and in my mind I was screaming “nooooo!!” I have to do this.  And while pushing I was really ready to give up and say yes to CS. I think I even said that out loud but another resident said “konti nalang”.  When they said I should rest, I tried to push again for three times.  When they came back I was checked then wheeled to the delivery room again.  I was surprised actually. The moment was coming.

I was coached to push while they assisted and pushed my tummy.  It only took two pushes then the baby came out at 12:01 pm.  The pain miraculously disappeared and I was left to feel such joy to see the baby.  They put him on top of my tummy and I was asked to hold him under the sheet while they clean him.  I was amazed how this little one came out without any problem.  I immediately looked at his nose (haha my obsession) but my initial thought was she looked just like her ate Julia! I looked at his feet (check!) fingers (check!) balls (my why is it so dark?) but found everything in order.  They bundled him up with the cute little bonnet they went out to let Henry and my parents hold the baby.  When they came back they let me hold him to suckle while I was being stitched up.  He was then placed in the warmer for extra cleaning and tests. 

We were rolled to the recovery room together. The four hours were not long at all because I was preoccupied with looking at the baby.  I saw other moms with their babies and I can see the nurses having a great time looking after newborns, taking their measurements, and giving medicines.  They were talking about how Jansen was long for a baby. I guess I agree since I saw what I think was a premie little girl.  She was so small! I wonder how they carry her considering the size of my baby.  

There was a long corridor that I have to pass through to get out of the maternity wing.  It was also lined with doctors and nurses doing paper works. While we were passing through they greeted us and the baby with positive words making me feel thankful we have got through without complications.  Henry and Nanay were waiting for us outside and accompanied us to our room.  We were located in the maternity section room 2228 where we usually pass to get to the doctor’s clinic every checkup.  When we were transferred to our beds and everything was calm, Henry asked what I want to eat.  I immediately requested for a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino! Coffee finally!!

We were visited by Henry’s family. His dad, diko Jun, ate Lani and Jaewa, ate Edna, kuya Nick, and Nicoy.  And of course my Nanay and Tatay were always there.  Ate Rouselle, Gabby, and their little daughter Angela also came with puto and her breast pump (yey!).  We were discharged after two days.

Wow! I am relieved that I got to experience this. I wanted to give up in the labor room but I was really thankful that I have a great doctor with me.  The whole birth was smooth even if it was extremely painful but I wouldn’t change anything.  I never felt that she was guessing her way through the birth.  I am also grateful for Henry because he’s always with me and was even more worried most of the time.  He doesn’t want to scrimp and made sure we had the best chance.  For my family, officemates, and friends who were always so understanding with my mood swings.  I swear nahimasmasan ako nung lumabas yung baby! I realized that I was really crazy when I was pregnant.  And finally I want to thank God for giving me another chance to become a mother.  It has been seven years of utmost joy with Julia and I couldn’t have asked for anything more when He gave us a boy.  I may gripe and whine about doing it all over again but deep down I am thrilled that we get to.  Julia has been such a blessing and all the seven years have been worth it.  And now we are given the chance to do it once more.



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