Day Out in Tagaytay

I feel so sad writing this post. I remember the time we celebrated our mommy Nely and daddy Floren’s anniversary. We headed out to Tagaytay for lunch and sight seeing.  I miss mommy Nely. I feel that I haven’t been able to say my million thank yous for taking care of Julia for us. She really exemplifies the word “selfless” and even with her saying so little, I feel that she cares so much.  It was all so sudden that I was not really prepared.  I hope she forgives me because I was really not myself last November.  Back then I was selfish and self absorbed. I was unable to take care of her and be with her. If I had my way right now, I would have probably camped in her room.  Unfortunately I was pregnant and staying in the hospital is ill-advised. Here’s their picture together. Seeing her still brings tears in my eyes. 
Lola Nely and Lolo Floren
We stopped by Bag of Beans to buy breads and chocolate crinkles.  The interior design is a mix of country and shabby chic.  Iya enjoyed running around the place and asked me to take her picture. 
Her white dress matches the interiors!

We then went to Sonya’s Garden.  It was our first time to be there and it was so pretty! Everything was green and photogenic.  Iya posed to her heart’s content while I was busy clicking away.  It was a rainy afternoon so Mommy and Daddy just stayed in the little hut selling organic fruits while we explored the gardens. 

The baby bump with ate Iya!

Family picture!

And then we went to the puzzle museum.  This is a Guinness Book of World Records title holder for the largest puzzle collection by a single individual.  It really was amazing to see the collection. I especially love the famous paintings and the 3d architecture puzzles.

We ate Bulalo somewhere along the highway and enjoyed the view.  I was unprepared that this will be our last outing with Mommy. We were gearing to make so many travel memories making it even more depressing.  I know that her spirit is still with us but even after so many months, remembering it still produces waves of emotions that hurts. We love you Mommy.


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