Jansen at Six Months

It has already been six months of Jansen in our lives.

It has already been six months of interrupted sleep, erratic schedules, always in my toes, and full on chubby cuteness!

His first two teeth erupted when he was just 3 months and just yesterday, I saw his gums swollen for his incoming two upper incisors.  He has been biting and drooling like crazy because of this.

He has been jumping up and down most especially on top of his lolo’s tummy for the past two months. He’s more active than Julia who’s true to her gender and acts like a lady. 

He can turn in a tummy position and crawl! Usually towards the remote just like his tatay. 

He loves all things sweet.  We tried giving him avocadoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, buko juice, marie, skyflakes, and even the malt part in maltesers. And he loves the maltesers best! I tried giving him yogurt last Sunday and his face is priceless! In short he doesn’t love the tangy taste of yogurt unlike Julia.

He loves his ate so much and smiles every time he sees her.  Her ate dotes on him as well until he starts to drool! He’s also a lola and lolo’s boy. He cries whenever he doesn’t see his lola and lolo when he wakes up during naptime.

It has been really weird because I feel that it is all happening too fast! I did not feel this way with Iya.  I think it’s because I know that he’s going to be my last baby (unless by some miracle that I get pregnant again).  I wish I can catch the memories and put them in a bottle.

from this…
to this!


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