Dear Julia,

I attended a meeting just this morning where I had a realization that might be of use to you someday.  I observed the attendees of one batch which I suppose are aged 58 to 60. All are probably well off because they are the donors of a particular building. I realized that compared to the women, the men age well.  The women look more mature even if they obviously had procedures done to make them look younger.

My point is, women rely on looks more than men yet even as we try our hardest we still lose it.  We have make-up, pretty dresses, and cosmetic surgery to make us preserve our looks. We focus on beauty rather than developing our mind and our capabilities. I would be a hypocrite if I say that I am unaware of the power of beauty.  We are bombarded with this image everywhere we look and everywhere we go.  But I have to slowly accept that I would soon be in my 40s and my face will change.  I think it is also the reason why I do not want people to call me pretty.  I want people to look beyond my physical appearance and see what I can do instead.

On the other hand, when we feel love, all the imperfections fade.  The eyes see beyond the lines, the wrinkles, and sun spots.  What other people see as ugly becomes endearing.  I remember my lola, my inana, mommy, and nanay.  I adore all of them. Even if they look old, I still see them as the most beautiful person in the universe. 

I urge you to be more than your face or your body.  Focus on what you can become to be of help to others.  Move beyond yourself.



1.  Avoid makeup unless absolutely necessary (I even go to weddings without make-up and my pictures look like myself)
2.  Put sunblock every day as early as 25 years old.
3.  Aging happens overnight.


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