A Surprise!

One day while I was driving on our way home, I got a call from Astrid. She’s the mom of Iya’s classmate Bella who’s also my friend and insurance agent.  She asked me if I was free for lunch on November 11, 2015 because we will be having a surprise birthday party for Carmen (our other mommy friend).  Of course I said “yes”! I love surprises! It’s just lunch and we will be having it in Astrid’s place anyways.  She said it was a secret so I shouldn’t tell Carmen.
When that day came, I said I’ll bring my car so I can go back to the office after lunch.  But Carmen resisted and said that I can leave the car and she’ll drop me off after the lunch.  I was hesitant but I can’t resist a free ride! So I jumped in with my “Dolor’s Kakanin” and was prepared to just be in the sideline.  I’m comfortable being a wall flower in parties because I’m shy (even if other people might disagree). 
I was perplexed when I saw the sign on the wall.  “It’s a Boy!” Oh wow! This party was for me! It was really a pleasant surprise.  It was well executed because I never had an inkling that this was a baby shower.  Or maybe I was relaxed knowing that these people will never lie to me! The afternoon was really my type of party, simple, intimate, and inside a house with my friends.  I was never into elaborate and big parties and this one really was a great way to celebrate the coming of our little baby boy. 
When God gave me my wish for Iya to pass the UPIS exam I was more than thankful. I am thankful that He allowed me to be close to my baby every school day.  I am thankful every time I see the tuition fee that I need to pay every semester.  I am thankful that Iya has friends who value her obsessive interest in rabbits.  But now I am also thankful for giving me a chance to be with this set of the sweetest, responsible, proactive mommy friends who would throw a party for me even if I’m not always around in PTA meetings!

An It’s a Boy Dog theme party as conceptualized by Bella

The gift table with DIY decorations by Alaine and diaper cake by the host Astrid

The yummy food!

The mommies

Alice and Alice

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