Dear little baby…

I was a little busy when you were inside my tummy. We did not have a yaya so I was the one who did everything for the house and for your ate Julia. I’m not really complaining but that time everything was so overwhelming. Sometimes I would just like to stay still and think about you. I just say a little prayer hoping everything is alright inside and that Jesus is taking good care of you. I did not wish much but only for you to be healthy.

Being a mother with your ate has taught me a lot. I guess this makes me a little confident than when I was starting out with Julia. This does not mean that I know all it is about mothering but at least I know what to expect. I am aware that having a baby is a lot of work. But I also know to cut myself some slack — not everything shall go according to plan nor everything perfect. I have also done for the first six months this coveted exclusive breastfeeding thing for you and for our family.  Even if it means that I have given up my treasured 8 hours of sleep.  But I will not trade anything for this chance of falling in love again…


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