Jansen’s First Birthday Party

His birthday is December 26, 2015 which is one day after Christmas.  I’ve always wanted my second child to have his birthday on a holiday or during vacation because I have this aversion to parties.  But now I realized that it has its own set of problems.  I honestly do not know who to invite and who will be able to attend!
It was actually a blessing that we have this tradition to celebrate Christmas in the province because I am sure that I have actual guests.  What I really envisioned is just lunch with family.  I was telling my relatives that this is just an extension of our reunion.  I just made sure the tables and venue were at least decorated to have this party feel.  I was grateful for my tita Ana and cousin Phoebe for hosting the event.  I prepared a few games and prizes just in case.  They were able to do it even with our on the day program planning haha! Overall it was successful.  There were even two families who attended that were not our relative!
And now for some of the party pictures…
Lola and Jansen before the start of the party.

Incomplete! Julia was so busy running around that I had a
difficult time capturing a complete family picture!


Finally! At least one complete picture even if we were all looking somewhere else!


Family picture with my parents and brother


Starstruck Jansen with fellow birthday boy Ninong Dennis


Her best friend’s family and Jansen’s Ninang Carmen


Our angels ate Delia and yaya Judith


Jansen’s birthday cake


Ninong Dennis blowing the candle. Happy birthday!!


Insert happy birthday song right here


With uncle/ ninong Ryan


The birthday boy!! How handsome!


with Tatay Henry


with Nanay Alice


Spelling game


The attendees! ang konti no? We can fit in a single frame!


With Tita Phoebe
With Tatay Bing, Ate Evelyn, and Dylan


With Tito Narry’s family


With Dra. Nadres, Lolo Gerry, and ate Audrey




With Nanay Lita. It was a shame ate Rouselle and Angela was not there!


With tito Tony’s family

Dear Jansen,

Being my second baby gives me another chance to relive emotions all over again.  The fear, laughter, worry, and of course the love.  It is true that being a mother to you and your ate makes me vulnerable.  I cannot give assurance that everything will be alright.  I feel like  my heart was taken away from me and was given to both you and your ate.

I love you my little Jansen.  May you grow up to be a gentleman that is considerate, mild-mannered, and respectful. Keep on smiling my Jabi! Always know that we are here to guide you to be your most wonderful self.



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