Julia’s Polymer Clay Creations

Last year, around September, I made a proposal to make Sunday our art day. We started doing our crafting and painting that eventually became a bonding activity.  I also got this idea that we give away what we did for Christmas. I had a hard time going to the mall because of the volume of people with a baby and a kid in tow. So aside from what the gifts I initially bought, we gifted what we made.

Iya is getting better at this. She made one from scratch for her teachers.  I kind of regretted this because I want it for myself!

Here are some of the things I made for my aunts, cousins, and officemates.





As for the background, I painted the flower from my previous watercolor workshop then the instructor made it into a pattern.  It’s a good thing though because I needed a background for the packaging.  At least I can say that this one is all mine.

When I posted Julia’s polymer clay, many responded positively saying that they would be willing to buy one of these.  The comments are so flattering that I wish Iya would really make more and then we could sell it.  However, we were so busy the past months with ballet and home renovations that we were not able to produce more.

I know she misses making these because she had been asking when we could make more again.  Hopefully I can finish organizing our things in the house so we can have a decent craft corner for both of us.

I can’t seem to find my other favorite creation of hers but here’s the link to my IG page…


Here’s hoping for productive days ahead!


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