Happy 11th birthday to our Family


While we have not been to any this Holy Week, we have been busy beach hopping the past few months with Henry’s family. Our latest trip was last January 26 where we went to a beach in Bataan.  It was also very timely because it was also our 11th wedding anniversary. If it was up to me, we would be stuck at home and watching TV like what we did last year?!  Oh wait..we sneaked out and ate at Lugang Cafe for dinner. Jansen was only a month old and was breastfeeding round the clock so I can’t be out that long.


We also went up to the cross of Mt. Samat.   It was so easy for Iya to climb the steps! We were wondering how a stick can be so fit!? All the walking made us hungry and thirsty so we ate fishballs at the top!

But before we climbed, we went to the museum at the base of the mountain.  It has pictures and memorabilia of the war.  It also has a model of Bataan showing the highest points and the trails of the Death March.

We had lunch in one of the popular restaurants in the area where they serve the best leche flan! I swear I should have bought home more.

It has been 11 years! 11 years of staying together and compromises.  We had and will have our share of trials but we know we can overcome this as a family.  I always thank God for everything that has happened and will happen.  I believe that there is a reason for all these and we have each other to share our thoughts, fears, and happiness with.  I hope that we get to grow as one to guide Julia and Jansen. By God’s grace, may we be good parents and providers for their needs.  I look forward to our future and wonder what will happen in our 12th –I hope not watching TV at home! *keeping my fingers crossed*


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