Wedding of April and Eric

My friend April got hitched last year and it took me forever to post pictures! I have a love-hate relationship with weddings.  I love it because I get to witness people that are dear to me get married and exchange vows. I hate it because it can be superficial.  I have to dress up, wear make-up, be conscious of my words, and observant of my surroundings, ergo.. not myself.

I realized this problem after being on countless weddings.  I only identified my source of stress when I had Iya.  It was the need to “make myself up” in order to fit the formal requirement of a wedding.  To lessen this dishonesty, I as much as possible wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and wear no make-up. I still moisturize my skin, apply sunblock, and put on lip gloss.  This way I feel and act more like myself.

In April’s wedding, I had my gown made for the wedding because I don’t have any long gown or dress in her color scheme.  It was a hassle trying to find one in the store with a baby and kid in tow.  It has proven to be a blessing in disguise though because I had it made to be a breastfeeding gown.  There were zippers and the top can act as a nursing cover.

April is one of my closest friends ever since we have been together in one project in UP. And even if she has moved on to greener pastures and found the love of her life, we still kept in touch.  I was pleasantly surprised when she asked Iya to be her flower girl because she gets another chance to play princess for the day.  Here are some of our family pictures and the flower girl in action!


To April,

May you always be together forever.

May you bloom and grow in love.

May you sustain happiness and conquer fear.

May you be showered with blessings from above.


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