7/ 25/ 2016
This was on a Monday, the morning after Uncle Ryan gave us the Duty Free loot from Ninong Marty.  There was a very pretty navy dress and a Vera Wang Perfume.  When I saw this, I thought “Wow! a designer perfume for Julia? So grown-up!” I am not a fan of perfume because of my allergic rhinitis. My nose prefers white flower, vicks, and a tangerine balm I bought from my yoga instructor.  The scents it can take are Nenuco and Bath and Body’s Cucumber Melon and for a time I hoarded these.  The princess thing is still up for tests but I instantly loved the packaging! It even has a little crown with pink crystals.
Lola Choly was also there to check out the perfume. She tried it out and loved it so she said:
Lola:  Iya dapat sa akin nalang itong perfume kasi bata ka pa hindi ka pa dapat nagpapabango.
Julia:  Ok, ako kasi ligo lang ok na!
Iya’s reminder when she was 4..


Iya’s yaya will be leaving us for a few weeks to vote and spend her vacation in her home town.  She said her goodbyes and left. Iya ran after her and said..

Iya:  Yaya kapag nasa road ka magsstop ka kapag may car ha? kasi baka masagasaan ka.


New Year’s eve three years ago..

I was taking a break from my computer and decided to give Iya a hug.  We were lying down on our bed and I was hugging her tight.

Me:  Ganito nalang tayo forever.
Iya:  Hindi na ba tayo kakain?
Me:  Oo hindi na, ganito nalang tayo hanggang mamaya.
Iya:  Hindi pwede! mamatay tayo!
Me:  Mamatay agad?! Hindi ba pwedeng magugutom muna?
Iya:  Hindi pwede na mag hug lang!
Me:  Love is all we need.
Iya:  Why? Hindi naman food ang akap eh.  Mamatay tayo! Tama na yan nanay magcomputer ka nalang.



Iya when she was still 5 year’s old..

I was driving us home and we got talking about what they have been doing every day while I’m in the office.

Nezel:  Ate si Iya ayaw sumunod sa akin tapos kapag pinilit ko umiiyak!
Me:  Bakit sinasaktan ka ba ni yaya? bakit ka umiiyak?
Iya: Yes.
Me:  Nezel totoo ba sinasaktan mo si Iya?! Iya totoo ba? Sabihin mo yung totoo.
Iya:  Yes! Sinaktan nya yung buhay ko!


Still 5..
We were in the hospital and she was confined because of asthma leading to pneumonia.  I was with her in the cr.

Me: kaya ako nandito para maghugas ng pwet eh

Iya: hindi, kaya ka nandito para magalaga
Me: kaya nga.. Maghugas ng pwet, maglinis, magpakain, magpaligo ang hirap ha! Kapag ako ba nagkasakit aalagaan mo?
Iya: e pano kita aalagaan eto o.. (Pointing to her IV)
Me: hindi kapag gumaling ka na tapos may sakit ako aalagaan mo din ba ako?
Iya: syempre naman… si lola! Si lola at si tatay!



Just last year, she’s 7

We were talking about cutting paper bunnies on a piece of wrapping paper from Juliet..

Julia:  pareho sila ng damit nitong bunny na ito.
Me: Bakit magkaiba naman sila  na bunny ah.. yung isa nakapikit yung mata, yung isa nakadilat.
Julia:  hindi nanay, pareho sila ng pagkatao!
Me: (laughing) pagkatao?
Julia:  oo iisa silang dalawa.

I mean who uses the word “pagkatao” and knows the real meaning of it?



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