Summer Planning


I fondly remember how my brother and I love summer! No classes, we get to sleep late, watch TV on weekdays (we were only allowed to watch during weekends), play, and most especially create something. We did not have summer classes – thank God! Because this means a whole different thing back then.  So we entertain ourselves with whatever we can make in our house. The options during that time were endless! We baked, pretend play, act out our favorite stories around the house, draw, play in our yard, and do crafts.  Come to think of it, all these are rooted by our love of books.  Our ultimate summer book was the Reader’s Digest Things to Make and Do. I drooled over the DIY doll houses that you can make with mundane everyday objects such as toothpaste caps and table tennis balls.

Now with summer classes, kids are taught all sorts of activities with adult supervision, kits, a nice venue, structured classes, and the whole extravaganza lest we parents feel that our payment is not worth it.  These classes come with a price that honestly I can’t really afford.  So even if Julia is still not summer ready, here are my steps to be prepared of summer at home. Hopefully I can do a follow-up post of what she will do this June and July.

  1. Determine her interest.  This one is easy… CRAFTS. Even if I give her scrap papers and scissors I’m sure she’ll create something.  And that something will definitely involve rabbits.
  2. Research the internet for possible projects. There is a plethora of available resources online. All I have to do is determine the specifics, type of crafts, and choose. I am sure there will be paper art or origami, sketching/ drawing, painting, dress making for her rabbits, stuff toy making, do homemade Playdoh, baking, jewelry-making are just some that I can think of right now.  I’m sure that there will be some extra ordinary activities that will be part of the list.
  3. Think about another type of art that she can learn beyond her interest.  This time will also be the perfect opportunity to introduce other mediums.  I am thinking of doing paper mache art to broaden her 3D perspective.
  4. Prepare the area of destruction. I’m sure that after her activity, the place will become a war zone. It would really help my sanity if there is a designated area where she can be messy.
  5. Search the house or troop to the local store for materials. She has this craft box that my friend gave her last Christmas.  So before I buy anything, I will take an inventory of the supplies that are already available in the house. There are also projects that she can do with recyclable materials like the one below. It would be better if we make the most of what we have than buy more.

    Recycled materials from drink cap, cardboard, and paper straw that Julia made for her classmate Cassandra.
  6. Give instructions, don’t hover, and then relax. Art is an expression and creative work comes out when unrestricted. This was our experience when our mother gave us time to do our work every morning and afternoon.  I remember feeling excited whenever I wake up because I can do anything I want.  There were also times when the project was a complete trash! Nevertheless, it prepared me for disappointments and making the most out of disasters for my next project. If my mother had helped me, my artworks would probably be perfect but I will rely on her for everything else.  It also gave me and my brother the chance to laugh about our failures and celebrate successes.

Here’s to planning and making more art this Summer!


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