Poppit Creations

Iya got this gift from her Tita Lani because it comprises two of her most favorite things!  One, it is a craft kit and two, it has something to do with bunnies.  This set is a supplemental kit and not a starter pack but the lack of a clay popper did not hinder her little hands from making all of these. Poppit is an air dry clay molding set similar to playdoh but lighter and softer.  You mold, cut, assemble, decorate and wait for 24 hours to harden.

Upon completing the craft in about thirty minutes, she played with it using our other clay miniatures.  Here is the bunny breakfast table spread complete with butter on toasts, an apple and lettuce.  That little pink bunny is probably me, because I prefer reading over food haha! Jansen was there and allowed to play too!


Jansen update:

He has cough and colds for days now.  This was probably due to our beach outing last Sunday..  So when I came home last night he was extra cuddly and sweet.  I noticed that he was pressing his mouth to my cheeks while I was talking to daddy.  It took several pecks before I figured out what he was up to. Apparently he was kissing me! Yey to firsts!



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