Yes. Julia is into this unpopular sport.


I am asking myself the same question!

Well, for starters, her classmates Ara, Rain, and Raya have been fencing for two years already.  She was with Ara the whole summer and she tagged along with whatever lessons she has for the day.

Here are my answers just in case I need to defend this to the higher court (which is Henry).  He doesn’t like this sport by the way, he says it’s too violent!

  1.  I think it’s cool. I have watched the Princess Bride over and over again and learning how to sword fight is pretty cool for a girl. I would be so happy to be the mother of the next Inigo Montoya!
  2. Fencing is footwork intensive and the form is pretty close to ballet. In a way these two sports complement each other and will not impede learning.
  3. It is also a UAAP sport, making her prepare for possible competitions that may increase her self confidence.
  4.  Her coach is one of the best in fencing.  He placed 3rd in the SEA games so I am sure that she will learn this properly.
  5. I think this can be useful for self defense. All she has to do is grab an umbrella!
  6. And last but not the least… Her coach’s wife is also her Math teacher. She’s getting free math tutorials while waiting for her turn! hahaha!

For now, she’s just enjoying with her friends.  We’ll see how this turns out.

Julia and Jansen in action!


4 thoughts on “En-garde!

    • Arrowland has opened a range in SM North Annex. I suggest we go this weekend morning, like 10am, then have her try out. If she likes it, I could buy her a kiddie bow from them na rin. As for you, I have a complete wooden bow (26lbs. ata), as in extra ko siya that you can have so dalawa kayo ni Iya. I just have to buy a new string for it.


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