Focus for 2018

A new year (although it’s already February!).

Looking over last year’s photos, I realized that it was really uneventful. We did not travel abroad (although we had numerous beach trips), I was unable to try new things, I was unable to create any form of art, and I mostly focused my life on work and my family.  However, I  did read more about minimalism, detaching myself from wanting unnecessary material things, frugality, and saving more.  I also put this into action in the middle of the year and has dramatically helped recoup our financial loss from the years 2015 and 2016.  I was also trying to see how I can earn more by using our current asset, a little non-traditional investing, and do a little online selling.  These have taught me a lot and confirmed the need to grow up and manage our finances better.

So for the year 2018, which is also the year I will turn 40, I envisioned to focus more on myself — to take care of myself means to take care of others.  I felt that I have not been doing this in the past few years. Here are the things I wish to focus more:

  1. Healthy eating. I hope to try healthy and simple packed lunch (and merienda) for me and my family. I know that this is really daunting especially if I have no househelp, but it is also part of my choice to be frugal. Making my own packed lunch can save me from eating out and eating poorly.
  2. Travel.  Since we did not travel for 3 years, I think we can afford an out of the country vacation this year.  Nowhere fancy like a European vacation (this is the trend I see), but within Southeast Asia and within our budget.  Which reminds me, I still have to get Jansen his passport.
  3. Write. This is less about being the best writer but more about practicing being articulate. This helps me clarify thoughts, record memories, and be aware of the moment.
  4. Draw or create. I used to join Julia with her creative endeavors but lately she’s the only one waking up early in the morning and tinkering away in my workspace.
  5. Lose weight. I don’t know how to start this one because I just love to eat and I have no time for regular exercise. I need to live healthy because of my high blood pressure and headaches. There are times when I just can’t function because of my headaches and I think exercise can help change this. I also love chocolates, cakes, and anything sweet! I know regulate this but it’s just so hard to resist!
  6. Increase savings and advance payment of mortgage. With the additional side income, I would have wanted to advance payment in mortgage, however, we channelled the income to another business. It would be nice to have the ROI late this year so as to save and pay by early next year.

All of these are not attainable without a concrete translation. Making it part of my daily ritual is one way to ensure it’s fruition.

  1. Prepare packed breakfast and lunch.
  2. Include snacks.
  3. Write for 1 hour before work.
  4. Draw a sketch during lunch break.
  5. Read a chapter (or two) before bed.
  6. Exercise every Tuesday and Thursday.
  7. Eat only half a cup of rice every lunch and dinner.
  8. Avoid snacking junckfood and chocolates.
  9. Save 100 pesos a day.

But… as with any other best laid out plans, there are a few surprises.  Our travel funds are now used to renovate Henry’s old home (see older post).  I am to start saving all over again this March so that I can at least fulfil my dream to travel by November. As for the rest. I have to wait and see if I can make it work.


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