Books from the Big Bad Wolf!

I seldom buy anything lately but I got tempted to go and see the Big Bad Wolf sale in World Trade Center.  This is apparently a big thing in Malaysia where you get to choose from millions of books for a discount.  The last day is on February 25 and I went last Monday, February 19.  I asked my Nanay to go with me and we left around 11pm and stayed until 2am to avoid the crowd.  I got to sleep for only an hour because I came home at 4am and woke up at 5am to prepare for the office.  Now I know how a zombie feels like.

There were a lot of Architecture and Design books that I got so overwhelmed and did not buy anything! The majority costs about 350 to 700 pesos which is a steal for hardcover books.  I wish I had more time to look. My real purpose was to buy books for Julia and Jansen.  I love their selection of creative activity books such as the press-out paper town, Winnie the Pooh tree house (I saw this from my friend Astrid’s loot), and the color magic sticker book.  I had to control myself from buying because this trip was really not included in my budget.  Iya was so excited to try out the color magic book to make her Green Tea!

I will take a picture of the finished models for the other books when we’re finished. I am so tempted to go back!


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