Our Ride Home

A teacher once told me that there is no specific time or place for teaching.  We all know that, but then she also said that no matter how busy you are, you can still find time to teach your kids.  Even if you are doing the laundry, you can always quiz your child and shout “What is 4 x 7?” in between scrubs.

So when I had Julia, I kept this in mind and tried not to be limited to teaching after school with a study desk and with books.  When she was just 2 years old, our favorite was the “I Spy” game inside the car where I ask her to find shapes and colors.  It then evolved into more complicated colors like periwinkle, aqua, coral, yellow ochre, brick red, etc. to make it more challenging.  When she started studying near work, the travel to our house became our “game time” and the car as our new classroom.  The hour and a half of travel became an opportunity for word games like rhyming words when she was in Kinder.  She was really curious about the English language back then (probably because Filipinong Filipino kami).  Little did I know that this will help her in poetry such as this post and this for example.

The car also became the place where she practices ukulele and where she composed some of her songs.  And of course the place for math and multiplication.  I never knew what we will be talking about because these lessons were not planned.  I simply start out with what happened in school to engage her in a conversation. The car has been our alternative classroom and it was only now that I acknowledge the benefits.  It is very easy to give her a gadget to play with inside the car (and I sometimes do) but it was more beneficial for both of us if we will talk.

When she was 8, she got interested in “word play” and riddles. Here are some of the better ones haha! Prepare to laugh? or cringe?



I have long ears and I am funny,

I eat carrots so I am a? ________

Ans: Bunny


I fly up high and crawl under a rug,

I am small and I am a _____.

Ans:  Bug


I fly over the garden and set to be free,

I eat honey that’s why I am a _______.

Ans:  Bee


I have short ears, you can see me in the fair,

You can hug me all the time, that’s why I am a ___________.

Ans: Teddy Bear


I have pages and I can be found in a nook,

You can see me in the library that’s why I am a _________.

Ans: Book


I have pointy ears and I am fat,

I eat fish, that’s why I am a ______.

Ans: Cat


Joke time!

Anong bulaklak ang kaya mong pahabain?

Ans: Gomamela!


Anong klaseng tubig ang hindi mo maubos?

Ans: Foriver!


Anong hayop ang mahilig maglinis?

Ans: Rub-it!


Anong hayop ang mahilig kumanta?

Ans: Humster


What did the bike say to the car?

Ans: Wheel you ever get tired?


What did Mars say to Jupiter?

Ans:  Will you give me some space? (because Jupiter is the largest of the planets)


Where do planets get their medicine?

Ans: At mercury


Ano ang sinabi ng kaliwang paa sa kanang paa?

Ans:  Paa-lam!


Anong hayop ang mahilig sa matamis?

Ans: Bal-yema!


Anong gulay ang mahaba ang ilong?

Ans: Labanose!

Silly Julia!



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