A Day in the Farm

Last weekend, we went to our Farm in Alupay, Tayabas.  This little outing was already long overdue.  My relatives already had numerous treks but I was not able to be with them because I was pregnant and then eventually I had to stay home most of the time to take care of the baby and breastfeed.  Now that Jansen is a little older, I can already have this day off.  It is also about time to inspect our little bahay kubo.

For Julia, this is her first time to experience farm life.  We have been going there since we were kids to just enjoy nature.  We set off at around 5 in the morning wearing our sambalilos.  The walk started by crossing the hanging bridge.  Along the way we bought “pansit” and “turon” to eat for breakfast.  Chitchatted with the neighbors (about a hundred meters away from each other) and also showed Julia her lolo’s elementary school.  When we arrived in our “kubo” tito Tony picked ferns to eat with egg for lunch at the backyard.  We then went to Dumakaa River where we got water from the spring.  After gathering all our necessities, we went to the coconuts and fruits area and picked ripe calamansi, pomelo, and coconuts.

At 11:30, we prepared for lunch. Our menu is omelet with ferns and saute’ed salmon.  After lunch we just lounged around the house.  It was a windy and rainy day, so it feels like we were inside an air-conditioned room.  We snuggled up with our blankets and took a nap.  When we woke up we already prepared our things and headed home. This is such a simple day that when we got back this is what Iya said:


“Nanay ang sarap pala sa bukid. Wala kang kailangan bilhin, may take out ka pa!” (refering to all the fruits that we took home).


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