Notes and Scribbles

Summer is over!

But before coming back to the absolute reality of school, let me share some of the hidden gems that I unearthed while I was cleaning up Julia’s bag last May.

As usual, her favorite animal is the bunny and these are found every where.  I mean every where. I especially like the inside flaps of her notebook where she showcased them in great capacity. For example, the drawing of the cats, dog, and rabbit that are in lab coats and mixing the chemicals is found in her science notebook while the castle is in her social studies notebook.  Even her teacher left a note saying that her drawings make her smile!

Here are some of her works required in class.  I love her stuffed toy green tea chef that she drew in health class and of course her heart melting letter for me.

I don’t really know what I should feel with these doodles. I really adore them but at the same time I don’t know if she’s paying attention to her teacher.  I remember my nanay telling me that she’s like her uncle Ryan when it comes to drawing instead of taking down notes.  There was even a time when she was in K-2 that the back of her test papers were full of drawings.  She said that she answers the test as fast as she can so she can still have time to sketch.


I’m at a loss for words that time. But then, that confession clarified certain things like why she was careless with answering her tests. I guess studying and school work is really just part of playing. I don’t want to pressure her to be the best but then again I don’t want her to feel that school work is not important.

Just last weekend, I kept asking if she has homework and her answer was always “wala naman” (none).  I was doubtful so I verified from a fellow mom and true enough there was homework, not just one but two.  Being a mom makes me feel all sorts of super powers like being psychic.  I have been watching Julia her whole life knowing her inside and out or pregnancy might have something to do with it.  For now, I learned that trusting my instinct coupled with referring to experiences in the past helps me decide. Of course I should always remind myself to live in the present moment and have fun!

After reviewing and homework that is.





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