Yes. Julia is into this unpopular sport.


I am asking myself the same question!

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Whenever Julia gets the chance to hold my phone and there is no internet (how millenial!), I’m 100% sure that she’s doing animation. It all started when I was able to download the Folioscope app. She doodled away and got all excited when her drawings came to life.​​

​Here are some of her drawings in the “Magic” series:

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Day and Night

By Julia F. Bernardo

All the stars of light,

The clouds are cold and white;

As the sun shines bright,

Like the little stars at night.

In day and night everywhere we go,

It still won’t snow;

During the day bunnies hop,

At night birds flop.

Rain starts to fall I hear it like the faucet,

Thunder starts to come like a rocket;

The sun starts to shine,

I think summer is fine.

One Frozen Theme Song Moment 

I know “Let It Go” has ben used countless of times and has permutated in countless different ways, but allow me to use it once more. I have opened an online shop where I sell pre-loved items from my children’s closet. I never knew how hard it was to “let go” until I was being inquired, to being offered a lower price, to wrapping it for shipping, to the courier picking it up. It was as if the link to my memories are being transported along with it.

It was even more emotional when people haggle for a lower price. I wanted to say these are my children’s clothes! Handled with extreme care and looks like new… but I know that they don’t know how much these are cared for like my children. I remember this jumper that I sold just last week.  I lovingly hugged and kissed it before wrapping it up and typing this down makes me want to laugh now! But all i saw are times when he wore it and how happy we all were that day.

Here’s Jansen twinning with his tatay when we went out for lunch. 

Looking back, I would like to borrow from Marie Kondo and say…

Thank you for your service.