Halloween 2016

We love Halloween!

I stumbled upon our pictures last year while sorting through old photos.  I only got to post one photo in Instagram and it’s not enough tell the whole Halloween Party story…

As usual, I was still thinking about what Iya will wear up to the last minute.   I wanted it to be easy to make, assemble, and wear because I don’t have the time to create a detailed costume.  Jansen was only 10 months around this time and I still lack my sanity.  My options were the ready made ones like the princess dresses, Chinese costume, or her Minnie Mouse Halloween themed dress.  However, I felt that she was over all these and I wanted to try something new.  I suggested that she go as a Starbucks barista instead.  I got the idea from my friend’s daughter who wore this two years back.  I found it so cute and doable that I bought a mini apron in Starbucks right away.  The apron had been in her closet for two years already! Talk about early preparation!  To complete this, I needed a white polo shirt, khaki pants, and black tie that I bought in SM boys wear. When I told her my plan she insisted that Jansen should also wear a costume to match.  She was the one who recommended that we dress him up as a cup.  I searched the internet and found the perfect thing! A white onesie painted with the logo and wrapped by a brown cup sleeve.  I got the brown cloth from my mom’s sewing box, asked Henry to buy a green fabric paint and got to work on Jansen’s costume.

The Starbucks Barista and the Cup!
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by Julia F. Bernardo


Just bloom and bloom

Inside my room;

I will take you to the window seat,

Where the sun will always greet.


I will water you day and night,

With the help of the sun’s wonderful light;

From a seed you will grow,

To a flower that I know.


When you were a bud you were shy,

Now you are looking up the sky;

And now we finally meet,

Oh your beauty is a treat!

New Character

Julia’s new obsession for the past month and still going strong is the “Merbun”.  This is a cross between a Mermaid and her ever favorite bunny, thus the birth of the Merbun!

She has been busy searching the internet for her new character and was happy to report that there were no Merbuns in Youtube.  Google proved to be less than successful because there were about two sites who yielded the Merbun result.  Oh my ever competitive Julia..

She also made a book about the little Merbunny.  It’s about a bunny who loves the sea that progresses to her full Merbun glory haha! Here it is with some of her practice poems.

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Gender Pay Gap

I chanced upon this article this morning and yes it happened and it is a reality for me.  When I graduated, I had high hopes that I will be part of the whole employment pyramid and will rise above the corporate ladder.  I thought of being the head of my firm and will be the master of my time.  I never considered that I will have and raise a family.  I was idealistically independent.  However a series of events led me to believe that I was not fit to be employed in a private firm let alone handle one.  I felt more at home with academic work so I pursued my masters degree and worked full time (but still contractual) in government office. I eventually got married and had a kid.

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by Julia F. Bernardo



Good night,

Sleep tight;

Under the moonlight,

Go to sleep with all your might.

See all the stars,

Count all the sheeps that jump over bars,

Dream that you can fly,

Above the pretty night sky.

Julia’s Office Toys

Since last school year, I have been taking Julia to the office with me because of practicality.  There is no available school bus route in Malabon and if ever I would request one, the cost will be similar to hiring a private driver with car.  So for the past two years, Julia has not only been my daughter but also my office mate. My co-workers and boss are so accustomed to Julia that they consider her already part of the OCA.  She’s in the office early morning doing her assignments and would have been pretty bored if not for making her paper toys. Here are three of her latest creations.

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Summer Planning


I fondly remember how my brother and I love summer! No classes, we get to sleep late, watch TV on weekdays (we were only allowed to watch during weekends), play, and most especially create something. We did not have summer classes – thank God! Because this means a whole different thing back then.  So we entertain ourselves with whatever we can make in our house. The options during that time were endless! We baked, pretend play, act out our favorite stories around the house, draw, play in our yard, and do crafts.  Come to think of it, all these are rooted by our love of books.  Our ultimate summer book was the Reader’s Digest Things to Make and Do. I drooled over the DIY doll houses that you can make with mundane everyday objects such as toothpaste caps and table tennis balls.

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