5th Birthday Party!

Every year we ask her how she wants to celebrate her birthday.   This year she chose to party with her classmates in school.  I never experienced this when I was little (hindi pa uso!) so I also don’t know what to expect.  It was a simple celebration, I booked for October 4 which was a Friday (the only day of the week allowed for parties in school) to have food delivered from McDonalds.  I chose the simplest party set, cheeseburger and spaghetti (my favorite), pineapple juice, and fries with mini balloons and lootbags.  I bought the cake in Estrelle’s because I love the dainty flower decoration and the fact that it’s not too sweet.  I am sure that the parents will thank me for it.  
When we arrived she was surprised because she probably thought we were not coming.  She was beaming and excited! I wonder how many years before she ducks whenever she sees us in school? Her face was really priceless. 
Her reaction when she saw us
We all sang happy birthday, she blew the candle, and was a great hostess.  She was so excited she hardly ate! She gave the lootbags to her classmates and they gave her a hug in return.  After eating she opened one present from the pile.  The girls were so giggly and sweet! I was sitting with the group and they were so appreciative with endless smiles and wows as they compare the contents of the loot bag. 
Her classmates singing her the happy birthday song 🙂
Party time!
The loot.  It’s really wow right? My mom bought these in Divisoria.

 The girl’s

The boy’s

Now it’s my turn to say “Wow”.  My baby is five.  Five years of blessings.  Definitely every moment spent with her has been a blessing — the good, the bad, and everything in between.  I kept on telling myself she’s still little, I have lots of time.  But now I’m asking, where have the years gone?  Looking back I can still remember her cute little face staring back at me.  And now I look at her and I feel she’s still that baby until she talks back with her adorable sense of humor. 
But here we are.  She’s exactly what I want her to be at 5.  She enjoys school, knows how to read (happy dance!), imaginative, loves to draw, still graceful, inquisitive, attentive (matulis ang mata according to her), polite, knows how to speak both in english and tagalog, giving, and open to learn new things.  I’m just enjoying her at this age.  And I will never stop hugging, kissing, and cuddling her while I still can.  
Happy Birthday to my little princess!

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